The harmonious marriage of an exquisite tobacco, enriched with aromatic spices and the sweet embrace of vanilla, transports you to the luxurious ambiance of a British gentleman’s club. This fragrance envelops you with a feeling of confidence and timeless power, by blending dry woody aromas with a heavy smoke of a cigar. Yet, the sweetness of vanilla, paired with the creamy texture of tonka bean, smoothes the aftertaste, leaving you with a note of sheer relaxation.

Definition of Taboo [ta-bu] (n.-) ~ English
Practice, thing, topic, thought which is prohibited or restricted by social custom.

All our candles at 9 Rituals are toxin-free, mutagen-free, carcinogen-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. They are handmade and carefully hand-poured. The luxury-level fragrances are gently mixed with 100% organic soy wax, to create a combination of both safe for your health and long-lasting when burned.